NeoEnglish System

NeoEnglish System
Speak English to any body, any time, any where and become successful. NeoEnglish System provides the solution. NeoEnglish System is the easiest, the most effective and  least expensive way of learning English from Beginners' to the Experts’ Level. NeoEnglish System pinpoints  your key weakness and teach you the English you need. For example, if you need to learn WRITING only, there is no need to waste time and money on a program that focuses all skills. So you choose with our expert opinion the skills you need to master. Certainly, one skill helps the other so more often two or three skills are required. The process of Language learning starts with realization. So what do you feel about English?

NeoEnglish System inspires you with PASSION and helps you attain your goal with Language and Life Techniques combined because Language doesn't exist without life---

No, I don't want to do that....

Do you want to stay without English?
Do you want to waste more money on useless methods?
Do you want to get bored by continuous listening?
Do you want to learn one skill only?
Do you want to be frustrated forever?
Do you want to fail your exams?
Do you want to miss opportunities?

The Main goal of NeoEnglish System is to make English English Language learning cost-effective and  accessible to the learner individually.

Yes, I always do that...

Do you feel shy when you speak English?
Do you feel difficulty in understanding English movies?
Are you frustrated that you spent years and still cannot speak English?
Are you losing jobs because of English?
Are you trying methods and failing?
Do you want a Language Learning System which can improve your language and life?
Do you think that English is difficult?

NeoEnglish Language teaches not only English but it also teaches you how to learn that you can become an autonomous learner.

Tell me What's Possible?

Learn British or American English and Speak in your desired accent.
Remove hesitation, be fluent in English and successful in life
Enhance Grammar, Vocabulary and get a good paying job
Improve Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Phonetics and Phonology
Master Translation Skills, Presentation skills and Business Communication
Try UK, Canada for study visa and get Scholarships or  immigrations
Pass International Certifications, beat job and embassy interviews
Develop your professional skills and improve confidence for foreign education
Achieve linguistic competence and performance in communication skills
Develop your Personality and Skills with declamations, monologues and speeches
Be a part of the global community with your computing and communicational abilities.
Make a new man of yourself!

A learner is the core of English Language Program. We always give prime and focused attention to the learner. After all, it's the student not the teacher who is learning English.

Director: NeoEnglish System
All is possible if devotion, expertise, honesty, science and experience are integrated into creating a system that has worked, still works and will work for millions of people home and abroad.  Neo has created such a system and people call it NeoEnglish System. It's the most flexible and convenient and easy way to learn English.
I’m NEO, the creator of the NeoEnglish System. I have always met people who spent years in English but still they are unable to speak it. The same is the case with every body else in the world. People cannot speak English because they focus either on grammar, or on pronunciation, or on speaking or reading or writing. They focus one thing. For example, some teacher might tell you that if you learn vocabulary, you will learn English. Another will say that if you master grammar, you will learn English and still another would tell you that you practice, you will learn English. My question is: does a child learn all these things separately? Does he learn grammar first or vocabulary firsts? Does he start reading or listening? He learns all these things all the time and at the same time. He’s always focusing on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and others. If you a child learns English because he has focused not on one thing but on many aspects of the English, you too CAN learn English. I WOULDN’T SAY: Don’t learn Grammar! Listen to English all the time!
Because listening to English all the time can be boring….unless you are learning English right from birth. So I Created NeoEnglish System. It is fantastic because it’s new. It breaks traditions as it’s based on Applied Linguistics. It has helped many people, still helping many more and it WILL HELP YOU, TOO.
NeoEnglish System is Powerful! It is powerful because it takes an integrated approach and uses Neo-Method. This method is eclectic in nature which means that it’s suited not only to your style but also any one else’s style of learning. It’s interesting and dynamic. It never bores you. You listen, you watch, you practice, you translate, you focus vocabulary and grammar and that’s what makes NeoEnglish System. The best thing I like about NeoEnglish is its gradation. It doesn’t teach at random. It teaches from beginners to experts’ level so it can meet the needs of any one studying English at any level. This is participatory system in that you participate when you learn English. You are no more bored listeners in front of a boring teacher. You are autonomous in learning.
History of NeoEnglish System: It was first provided by Sir Naeem to different private schools, institutions and various individuals as ESL or EFL learners catering for their linguistic needs in business and every day communication. NeoEnglish System is the result of Sir. Naeem's efforts in language research and methodology. This is the only program of study which can help develop Fluency skills in the students. The basic motive behind was to humanize English language learning.
Accuracy and Fluency: This system is so perfect that it focuses on your accuracy and fluency. There are other systems which only focus your fluency. But you know that speaking English fluently is important but what is more important is speaking English accurately and effectively. This is the real strength of NeoEnglish System.

Although NeoEnglish System ensures Learner's Autonomy but Language cannot be learnt in isolation. For language to be learnt, a social, collaborative and interactive relationship is necessary. This relationship starts from the student-teacher relationship which bases collaborative learning and further develops into a complete understanding of the each other and then rolls down into society.

Methodology: NEO doesn’t believe in random learning. Therefore, it has introduced the acquisition of the English Language in its entirety. It takes a comprehensive approach to English from listening, to speaking and reading to writing with micro-Skills such as Grammar, Vocabulary and Mechanics. These individual courses highly cater for the Social, academic and professional needs of students. The students are trained according to the course (Reading, writing, speaking, listening, Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonology etc.) chosen by them. They can also choose all courses to study comprehensively. NEO  believes that Learner’s Autonomy is the key point in learning English Language. Therefore, greater emphasis is laid on Mind, Body and Life-Skills Coaching along with Ear Training and Learner’s communicative role . There are parts of methodology employed by NeoEnglish System. NeoMethod doesn't rely on one methodology. Its procedure may range from Functional, Lexical, and Communicative to most Traditional approaches. This concept makes up the whole Neo-methodology. NeoEnglish System Syllable is based on REAL-SITUATIONS.

NeoEnglish System provides constant support to the learner through different his language.